On Thursday 08 July 2004 11:52, you wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 12:33:18AM +0200, Grant Speelman wrote:
> > I got the small problem, I would like to keep my ports collection
> > update using cvsup but I don't have a direct connection to the
> > internet. My Computer is on a network with my Fathers computer
> > which is running windows xp.  Lets say I have full access to my
> > fathers computer as long I don't remove windows xp. What would I
> > have to do to my fathers computer and my in order to keep my
> > ports collections updated.
> >
> > I read the man pages something about cvsup using a socks proxy
> > but where do I find this runsock(I look in the ports and try the
> > 'which' command) and how do I use it.
> You can enable 'connection sharing' on your Father's XP box which
> should permit your FreeBSD machine sufficient network access to run
> cvsup(1).  Connection Sharing simply makes the XP machine into a
> NAT gateway for your home network, and enables a DHCP+DNS service
> on the XP box, so that other home machines can autoconfigure
> themselves against it.  A FreeBSD machine should be able to do that
> without too much trouble.

Right I check up on this connection sharing on windows Xp but run into 
a small problem , the connection sharing will only work if you use 
windows xp's dailup to connect to your ISP but my father uses the 
dailup connection program the ISP offers(and I tried setting it up 
using the xp's dailer but with no success) , therefore there is no 
dailup in the network connections of xp, so I can't use the 
connection sharing of xp unless there is some other way to enable it.

It is possible though for me to use a proxy , I use it for my basic 
connections like mail , www , etc. But how would I be able to get 
cvsup to work on a connection like this?



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