I have NIS running on a few servers. I have had them configured with the -S option with only their host name so they would use the local resolver. However, after a few problems with ypserv dying I tried adding additional servers to the -S list. Everything was as normal till I killed ypserv on the local machine. Then it switched to the first host listed after the local name in the -S list. Access to NIS records worked fine.

Then I tried to revert back to the local server. Restarting ypserv had no effect. NIS requests were still sent to the other server. I killed ypbind and restarted it with the full list. All requests were still sent to the other server. I killed ypbind again and restarted it with just the local server in the -S list. The request then were split about half and half with the local server and other server. How does ypbind know about the other server anymore?

I had to kill ypserv on the other server, wait for some requests to timeout (ypbind is a persistent bugger) and then it switched. Surely there has to be an easier way to do this. I am trying to have ypbind use the local server if its working and otherwise one of the other servers. If the local ypbind gets restarted i would like it to revert back to using it.

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