On Jul 8, 2004, at 13:44, Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (Jul 08), Doug Hardie said:
I have NIS running on a few servers.  I have had them configured with
the -S option with only their host name so they would use the local
resolver.  However, after a few problems with ypserv dying I tried
adding additional servers to the -S list.  Everything was as normal
till I killed ypserv on the local machine.  Then it switched to the
first host listed after the local name in the -S list.  Access to NIS
records worked fine.

Then I tried to revert back to the local server.  Restarting ypserv
had no effect.  NIS requests were still sent to the other server.  I
killed ypbind and restarted it with the full list.  All requests were
still sent to the other server.  I killed ypbind again and restarted
it with just the local server in the -S list.  The request then were
split about half and half with the local server and other server.
How does ypbind know about the other server anymore?

Running processes will talk to the server they originally made a connection to, until that connection fails. Only then will they contact their local ypbind and ask for another server. ypbind is not contacted on every lookup.

I had to kill ypserv on the other server, wait for some requests to
timeout (ypbind is a persistent bugger) and then it switched.  Surely
there has to be an easier way to do this.  I am trying to have ypbind
use the local server if its working and otherwise one of the other
servers.  If the local ypbind gets restarted i would like it to revert
back to using it.

The best you can do is make sure "ypwhich" points to the local machine so that subsequent processes will use it. You can't force existing processes to switch.

Thanks. I have now set 3 servers in the -S list. ypwhich shows the one currently being used. I need to be able to change that. It appears that ypset is the way to do that. However, when I start ypbind with the -ypsetme argument I still get "sorry, cannot ypset for domain NAME on host". I am running ypset on that server. That message comes from a request to rpc prog 100004 which is registered to rpserv so I don't see how an argument to ypbind would help this. I don't find any similar arguments to ypserv. How do you make ypset work without opening it up to the entire world?

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