Martin Hepworth wrote:

Why the multilevel backups?

Are you using files based tapes in amanda for the 1st machine then real tapes in the 2nd?

On the first machine we have virtual devices on a hard disk,
on the second machine is a backup-tape on which we backup the files created on the
first machine, also with amanda.
And i think the second amanda isn't necessary because we already dumped the files
on the first machine...

you can use tar to backup if really want, but you loose the power of amanda where you can keep the index file separate and it will tell you which tape to go get when you need a restore.

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Volker Lieder wrote:

Hello List,
i have a little question.
I have to backup nearly 330GB of Data in my company from different hosts.
At this moment we have installed 2 Servers. One server catches all the backups
from the different clients with amanda and makes a huge folder within all the backup-files.
After that we backup these folders in 80GB-portions on the other server which has
a backup-tape, also with amanda.
Is it possible to backup these files easily with a tar or is an amanda-backup
Or has anybody an other solution or idea?

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