Thank you Jimi this is going to be a perfect start. My family thanks you.
Well they will when I get home and tell them the good news.

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis

Thompson, Jimi
> Josh,
> I found several on google that look sensible.  See if these don't help
> you.  Your employer should probably be willing to purchase a reference
> book or two.  I'm not sure what kind of gear you're running at work, but
> you can get a good feel for how things work by playing with routed on
> your FreeBSD box.
> Subnetting Tutorial -
> Basic Routing -
> OSPF -
> RIP -
> BGP -
> Thanks,
> Ms. Jimi Thompson, CISSP
> Manager, Web Operations
> Cox School of Business
> Southern Methodist University
> "If we want women to do the same work as men, we must teach them the
> same things." - Plato
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> Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 3:08 PM
> Subject: Routing Training Books Please!!
> After many years of waiting my company has a position opening up that I
> can fill. I spoke with the Net Admin and asked if there were any one
> skill
> that would be of a great benefit to my company and his response was
> Routing, IP and subnetting (ok so more then one. But I swear he can
> count).
> So here I am with maybe a month before they make a decision and I am
> thinking I should beef up on my skills.
> I am hoping someone out there may know of some "GREAT" (free, I am a
> poor
> slob) resources for Routing. I have exactly 0 experience in Routing. I
> do
> however have a Cisco 1700 at home to practice with.
> I could use some IP and subnetting refreshers so I am open to
> suggestions
> there too.
> I am sorry to bother everyone. I have had such great help from the
> FreeBSD
> community since I started running it at home I thought maybe someone out
> there may know of a good place for me to start.
> Thank you,
> Joshua Lewis
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