Andreas Ntaflos wrote:
Hello list,

here's the situation: a small LAN with two FreeBSD machines (one
4.10-STABLE, one 5.1-RELEASE-p11), one Gentoo box, one Windows 2000
Laptop. All the machines have 100Mbit/s capable network interfaces,
configured for full duplex and auto-negotiation, and actually running in 100baseTX-FD mode (5.1 uses rl0, 4.10 dc0, Gentoo and Windows are
also equipped with RealTek RTL8139 NICs).


not sure if this works, but you could try setting the media type for the rl0 on the 5.1 machine manually (it's a realtek 8139, right?):

ifconfig rl0 media 100baseTX



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