Since I am new to freeBSD I may be missing the basics.
 Thanks for all the help I am getting here.

 I somehow had the linux compatibility issue resolved.
( that was my previous posting), Thanks for the help.
All I did was add the linux_enable="YES" in rc.conf

when i checked with kldstat command the line with 
linux.ko appears.

Now, I have a problem with remote services
My /usr/libexec/ directory does not have the daemons for rsh, rexec
(rshd, rexecd)
I had this earlier and it used to work fine when I try a remote login
(through rexec from a dos prompt),
but all of a sudden its not there. (my sshd and telnetd are still in
place and I can ssh to this machine)

Now the error says, cannot execute /usr/libexec/rexecd
(I checked /usr/local/rexed as well... not here too..) 

Any idea as to what went wrong, and how can I get these processes back
or how do I install them (if needed) as services on my FreeBSD
(version 5.2-CURRENT)

Thanks again for the help
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