Hello everyone,

I am able to ping my loopback as well as my static IP address. but I am
not able to ping any other system on the net, my ISP's DNS server nor the
ISP's Default Gateway. I am able to ping my system by FQDN and just the
host name from the FreeBSD box.

Ping error for the DNS server ping is:
ping: sendto: No route to host

Ping to the ISP Default Gateway
ping: sendto: Host is down

However I am able to ping the above addresses (Including my FreeBSD
server) from my XP box.

Network setup.

FreeBSD (Static Public IP) -> Linksys 5 port switch -> Switch -> DSL Modem

XP box -> Linksys Router (Different Static public IP)-> Linksys 5 port
switch. -> DSL Modem (All is working fine from here)

This IP was purchased several months ago so it should be setup. Perhaps
there is something wrong on their side. Is there a way I can prove it?
Below is the information I have collected.

I have listed in my rc.conf my ISP's Default Gateway, my IP, my subnet.

My /etc/resolv.conf shows
domain    domain (there is no hostname on this line)
nameserver    ************ (ISP DNS SERVER)
nameserver    ************(ISP SECONDARY DNS SERVER)

I have checked the spelling and confirmed the IP's in the resolv.conf are

I didn't set it up but my /etc/hosts file has my loopback and FQDN listed
twice. I have no idea why
::1    localhost.domain    localhost    localhost.domain    localhost
MY IP    FQDN    hostname (there is no "." at the end of this FQDN I don't
know if that matters)
MY IP    FQDN.    (there is a "." at the end of this FQDN and no hostname

And that is all I know how to do so far. It looks right to me. Perhaps
someone can see what I missed or did wrong.

Sorry for covering up some of the info. I don't know who is out there.

Do you think my DNS server is not really working and the system is simply
looking up my addresses in my hosts file?

Any help is welcome.

I just tried to ping the External IP of the Linksys Router and was
successfully. This is leading me to think it is something on my ISP. Does
that sound right to anyone else?

Thank you,
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