On Saturday 17 July 2004 03:17, Peter Risdon wrote:
> Cups installs /usr/local/bin/lp and /usr/local/bin/lpr and leaves
> /usr/bin/lp and /usr/bin/lpr in place. Back these up, symlink the cups
> versions into their places and try again.
> If you want to verify you have a properly running Cups before you do
> this, use the web interface (http://localhost:631) to print a test page.
> It ought to work.
> Peter.

Hey Peter,

I tried the web interface, and that's what's not printing test pages.  Do I 
need to move these execs before I try to print a test page? 

Also, CUPS seems to have munged up my other printer installations pretty 
badly, and I don't know what to do to get them back.  I guess I'd rather get 
CUPS working right anyways.


Eric F Crist

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