Im a newbie with this, im having trouble with my
download speeds with my adsl modem, and i just wanted
to elimanate that the problem isn't my computers
configuration. This is my first time with adsl so im
not 100% that the configuration is correct.

I use the BitTornado BitTorrent client, so my advice may not be applicable to your situtation, but here goes...

First of all, the BitTorrent system works best when you allow incoming connections. If you don't poke a hole in your firewall and let some other people connect to you, your transfer rates will be bad. It's how the system works. If you don't allow incoming connections, you're limiting the "sharing" aspect of the filesharing system and you're punished for that by getting bad transfer rates and having people call you names like "leecher".

Secondly, with DSL, you have a lot more bandwidth available for downloading than you do for uploading. After you start allowing incoming connections, you must also limit the amount of uploading bandwidth that BitTorrent is allowed to use, otherwise your internet connection will choke as all your uploading bandwidth is gobbled up.
I don't know how your BitTorrent client regulates this - for all I know it may be automatic. With BitTornado there's a command-line option called --max_upload_rate. I think recent releases of BitTornado have started doing some automatic tuning of this parameter, but I'm still using the command line option.
It will take some experimentation to find out what setting works best for you. If the bittorrent client is limiting your other normal activity (if you can't browse webpages) then you need to cut the max_upload_rate.
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