> I have a strange problem... from time in time at boot time, when it reaches 
> this:
> Configuring syscons: blanktime screensaver.
> the boot process stops for a very (VERY) long time and sometimes gets stalled 
> there... I can interrupt the process with Ctrl-C and boot continues but it is 
> not a normal way to do things...
> Why could this happen and how can I fix it? it does not occur always, but 
> frequently...

Usually this kind of behaviour indicates that something is being 
started and it is trying to do a DNS lookup but can't, and so it waits 
until the DNS lookup request times out. You should be able to find out 
what the culprit is by observing what is the next thing printed 
immediately *after* this long pause. Very often it turns out to be 
Sendmail trying to find a reverse record (match the host's IP to a 
DNS name).
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