> > the boot process stops for a very (VERY) long time and sometimes gets
> > stalled there... I can interrupt the process with Ctrl-C and boot
> > continues but it is not a normal way to do things...
> Usually this kind of behaviour indicates that something is being
> started and it is trying to do a DNS lookup but can't, and so it waits
> until the DNS lookup request times out. You should be able to find out
> what the culprit is by observing what is the next thing printed
> immediately *after* this long pause. Very often it turns out to be
> Sendmail trying to find a reverse record (match the host's IP to a
> DNS name).

Starting local daemons:.
Updating motd.
Configuring syscons: blanktime screensaver.
Starting sshd.
<long pause, it has transcurred about a minute and still stalled>
Initial i386 initialization:.
Aditional ABI support:.

It should be the sshd or the i386 initialization, or what else could be?


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