On Fri, 16 Jul 2004 17:56:24 -0400 (EDT), Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I've used Acronis Partition Expert on a ntfs(w2k3) partition and it worked just fine.

Is that a new one on the market? I haven't seen that one before.

Partition Magic has been the only one readily available off the
shelf in this area.  Others have to be mail-ordered.  It handled
NTFS fine for me, though that was for Win2k.  If it is NTFS and
it is from the boot floppies, I don't see why being win2k3 would
matter, but I avoid Microsloth stuff as much as possible so don't
know any of the details there.

I tried Acronis a year or two ago, and it seemed to work OK, but it trashed my setup when I uninstalled it. Could well have been user error, but it's the only one of a number of such products (P. Magic, Acronis, and my favorite, BootItNG) with which I've ever had such a problem.

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