On Monday 19 July 2004 03:39, Henrik W Lund wrote:
> Funny. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong here. Unless, of course,
> it "Saw EOF" a little early. What did debug level 2 tell you? I know
> mine said something about some filter somewhere that was needed, but not
> found.
> This is mysterious. You're sure that the problem is with CUPS? The
> printer works from, say, Windows? It _could_ be that the printer just
> gobbles up jobs, but doesn't actually print them. Just maybe... Just
> exhausting possibilities here.
> -Henrik W Lund

Hey Henrik,

This printer prints nearly perfectly with apsfilter and regular, base, lpd/lpr 
installed.   The only problem is the margins, and I can fix that for the most 
part.  I think it's a problem with cups, personally, but I never see anything 
interesting from debug2, but I'll try again.  I'll post tomorrow or the next 

Eric F Crist

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