> pura life CR wrote:
> >   Hi.
> >
> >   I added a process with high priority (nice -20) to be loaded each time
> >   system boots. It is located in /usr/local/etc/rc.d.
> >
> >   Apparently, the process consume too much cpu time which make it
> >   imposible to log in.
> >
> >   I cant do anything from the boot loader, because i cant cd to /usr to
> >   remove the script.
> >
> >   Any suggestion?.
> >
> >   The system is on a virtual machine.
> >
> >   thanks.
> >
> >   eugene tooms.
> > 
> >
> Greetings!
> Have you tried this?
> 1. When the countdown starts, right after the BTX loader has finished, 
> press any key other than <enter> for the prompt.
> 2. Type boot -s to boot into single user mode.
> 3. When asked for a shell for root, hit <enter> (this will give you the 
> sh shell). Alternatively, type /bin/csh, then <enter>. This will give 
> you the C shell, and tab completion. Essential if you are to do much of 
> anything, IMO.
> 4. fsck -y
 >>>> mount -u /
> 5. mount /usr
> 6. Do whatever it is you want to do in /usr, and reboot.
> You may have to provide the absolute paths for fsck and mount, I don't 
> recall at the moment if  PATH is set in single user mode.

First, I am not sure what you mean by 'virtual machine'.   That may throw
a monkey wrench in things if it means that literally.

But, the main thing I would add is before you do the mount /usr
you probably want to cause root to be remounted read/write so you
can edit rc.conf. To do this, do 
   mount -u /         (or even just mount -a   I think will cause it 
                                              to happen nowdays)
Otherwise root will be mount read only and you won't be able to 
change rc.conf 


> Hope this helps!
> -Henrik W Lund
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