>From: Giorgos Keramidas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   >To: Henrik W Lund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   >CC: pura life CR <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
   >Subject: Re: priority on rc script caused panic
   >Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 13:43:24 +0300
   >On 2004-07-19 11:34, Henrik W Lund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   > > pura life CR wrote:
   > > >  I added a process with high priority (nice -20) to be loaded
   each time
   > > >  system boots. It is located in /usr/local/etc/rc.d.
   > > >
   > > >  Apparently, the process consume too much cpu time which make it
   > > >  imposible to log in.
   > > >
   > > >  I cant do anything from the boot loader, because i cant cd to
   /usr to
   > > >  remove the script.
   > >
   > > Have you tried this?
   > >
   > > 1. When the countdown starts, right after the BTX loader has
   > > finished, press any key other than <enter> for the prompt.
   > > 2. Type boot -s to boot into single user mode.
   > > 3. When asked for a shell for root, hit <enter> (this will give
   > > the sh shell). Alternatively, type /bi n/csh, then <enter>. This
   > > will give you the C shell, and tab completion. Essential if you
   > > to do much of anything, IMO.
   > > 4. fsck -y
   > > 5. mount /usr
   > > 6. Do whatever it is you want to do in /usr, and reboot.
   > >
   > > You may have to provide the absolute paths for fsck and mount, I
   > > don't recall at the moment if  PATH is set in single user mode.
   >You don't need to fiddle with the PATH.  It's set to a reasonable
   >default that can be used even for upgrading the system with the
   >"make installworld" procedure.
   >I regularly (almost daily) upgrade my CURRENT installation and the
   >of commands I use when the single user shell fires up is:
   > adjkerntz -i # allow system time updates to work
   > swapon -a # enable all swap partitions
   > fsck -p # check any filesystems that need it
   > mount -u / # remount root fs as read-write
   > mount /usr # mount /usr as read-write
   > cd /usr/src # upgrade sequence
   > make installworld #      - // -
   > mergemaster #      - // -

   This should not be done.

   You dont really need to upgrade daily, you are just overloading
   freebsd cvsup servers.

   Also, why to make all the source tree if you just get few
   modifications per day? It would be wise to know what part or the tree
   was updated and just compile it or let the whole compilation for

   If you want to see your machine working at 100% cpu, learn prolog.

   >The last three commands update the system from the compiled object
   >files under /usr/obj.  The commands up to the command that mounts
   >are more or less necessary to have a system that includes a
   >root fs and the tools required for the upgrade to work.
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