Marco Gonçalves wrote:

Hi list

how can i  get a 'shutdown -p now' to actually cut the power off (instead of
'press key to reboot') ?

Best regards,
Marco Gonçalves

Does your motherboard use ACPI? What version of FreeBSD? What hardware? "shutdown -p now" does it on compatible machinery, so is it likely that either your hardware is not supported for ACPI?

Checked "man acpi"  or "man shutdown" ?  "hardware support

Short of hacking together ACPI/APM support for your particular
motherboard, or replacing said motherboard, I'm not sure. Generally I see this on older machines when using FreeBSD 5.X ...

That's probably the best I can do for ya, given the lack of details.
Maybe a Real Hacker(TM) will chime in with some new info?

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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