In my first install of freeBSD 4.10, i selected X-developer
and installed all the sources - not really knowing what I
might need.  I have 6 Gigs, and I keep running out of
disk space when installing ports.

I think I need to start again and select a smaller install.

Eventually, I want to use freeBSD for 2 separate 
things - a server and a client.  I am trying to get
the client going first, and have selected KDE and
am in the process of getting OpenOffice sorted out.

I hope to convert an existing Excel application
into a server component (written in java) and
a client component (probably OO Calc with basic
macros talking via some sort of SOAP implementation)

Can I get some recommendations as to which
install option I should choose for the client.
(and the server too I guess)

Specifically, which sets of source code would
be best, if any. I hope to keep everything as 
vanilla as possible.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping.

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