> I am using outlook to get to the list. I havent figured
> out how to do email on the freeBSD machine yet,
> let alone copy the output from those sort of commands.
> (only been using it for a week or so)

Here's a quick and dirty method of producing your output that we need, and
quickly mailing it to us. Note that because your machine will send the
email out with an unreachable address, send it to yourself first, then
send it out after (from Outlook) to the list:

# df -h > /tmp/diskpart.tmp
# mail -s "Disk Partitioning" [EMAIL PROTECTED] < /tmp/diskpart.tmp
# rm /tmp/diskpart.tmp

Now hop back into Outlook, download your mail, cut/paste into a fresh
message to the list.



> I guess I should put that up the priority list a bit :)
> Thanks
> Peter
>> ie...perform:
>> # df -h
>> and send the output back to the list.
>> Steve

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