> > and start browsing. :)
> I just installed the newest XFce today, and wow, it's nice. Very fast. I don't

compared to KDE - for sure fast.

> want to give up KMail, but like a lot of other KDE apps, it runs other KDE

no problem to run KMail without KDE except it will take lot of CPU too.

> processes that tend to bog it down in any wm. But it's very quick on XFce,
> faster even than on IceWM, at least on my machine. It wouldn't matter so much
> to me, but KMail is by far my favorite GUI email client. If I were a better
> programmer I'd backwards engineer it without all the hooks into KDE stuff,

nice idea. hopefully text-mode pine is fine for me, quick and can be
configured to run right programs to view attachment (like xv to view .jpg,
gif etc.)

> but maybe later ... Mozilla starts in less than two seconds without being
> preloaded. Amazing. Who said Mozilla is slow starting? Not me anymore.

slow and fast is relative. to machine and to other programs. it takes >10
seconds on my celeron/300 to load mozilla, while links -g starts in 1

> I'm glad you posted this, because it reminded me to give XFce a test. IceWM
> doesn't seem to perform nearly as quickly for me (which is odd), but maybe I
> don't have it configured correctly. I think I like XFce better anyway ;)

strange, or XFce is really so fast. must try.
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