Hi everyone,


I am relatively new to the Unix world, have setup a couple TINYDNS server
and a postfix relay server, so that is the extent of my FreeBSD knowledge.


I have 2 Microsoft ISA servers in a BACK to BACK configuration providing a
DMZ in-between that I would like to get rid of, way more trouble than what
they are worth. They work well for about a month and then the performance
goes south.


There are 3 remote sites connecting to our network using GATEWAY to GATEWAY
VPN and around 25 remote VPN users that must be dealt with also. Last item,
there is a chance that I will have to connect 3 more remote sites into the
picture within the next 6 months, so this needs to be scalable to handle the


My question is, what is the best way to set this up. Here are my thoughts,
but not sure what is the best way.

*       Setup one FreeBSD box that contains FIREWALL, SQUID and OPENVPN or
*       Setup 3 separate boxes to break up the work load.


Many thanks in advance for being patient with what I am sure is stupid
beginner questions to most of you.


When giving your choice of which setup, please point me in the direction of
the best resource to put it all together and the hardware requirement you
would recommend. I have a truck load of PII 300 - 450's due to upgrades, so
if I can use them great, if not, time to go on a spending spree.


Thanks again




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