Me again...I left out some pertinant info (the coffee hasnt kicked in yet :P)
Yeah, I'm running NetBSD, 1.6.2.  I just found documentation that pointed to the 
FreeBSD docs for more info...and when I RTFM for FreeBSD, I see theres a "-r" option 
for pkg_add that will fetch the correct everything for my package (right?).  Looks 
like I may have answered my own question. I'll try this option tonight. Sorry for 
wasting your time!


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Date:  Thu, 22 Jul 2004 15:26:02 +0200 (CEST)

>I'm not really sure if it matters or not, but using
>might make a difference. Not sure if NetBSD uses the same ports-tree as
>FreeBSD does.
>> Hi,
>> I've installing several packages (using pkg_add) lately, and tried
>many more.  I generally use the pkg_add
>method, with decent success.  My problem is that I cannot always find
>the packages I need! For example, while installing a package listed
>under, I've found that
>a package dependancy was in
>!?  In another case,
>I could not find the dependancy in ANY of the distributions!
>> Am I just blind? What am I missing here? What is a good way to find
>where my dependancies reside, without having to search through every
>distro's package list? What is the logic behind the layout? I'm assuming
>that the packages listed for each distro just happened to be updated, or
>ported, during that distro's upcoming?
>> Very confused. Please help.
>> Thanks,
>> Reggie
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