At 02:44 AM 7/23/2004, RJ45 wrote:
anyone has tryed FreeBSD with Dell Optiplex sx280 ?
I am not interested that audio or X11 graphics is supported,
if the main hardware is supported and it works it would be great.
anyone has experience with this machine ?

Like another responder, I have used FreeBSD on a variety of Dell platforms with no notable hardware compatibility issues.

The only caution I would put forward for the Optiplex __280 models is that they are quite new and they introduce some new hardware features to the Optiplex model line (no PS/2 on the motherboard, SATA rather than IDE, etc.). You will want to check carefully that the various components have current driver support in the FreeBSD version you want to install. Shouldn't be a problem though, as the Optiplex line is typically composed from common, mainstream, brand name parts.

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