> >
> > Your detailed reply appreciated
> I've got to tell you, you're looking for a lot of detailed advice for free.
> I know you _say_ you did a lot of research, but the level of knowledge you
> display in your questions does not demonstrate that you did _any_ research.

If research is defined by reading adverts and publications in popular
computer magazines he probably did really a lot of research, and didn't
understand this is a bit worthless.

> out for you, I've been doing it for business for six years now.  Feel free
> to contact me directly and I'll be happy to put a consulting package together.

possibly it's what he need i'm sure you will help him.

But for sure it's bad mailing list for that topic. if any of FreeBSD
mailing lists - maybe freebsd-advocacy, but for sure not freebsd-questions
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