On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Robert Storey wrote:

[on spf]

 1) Is the technology useful?

 2) How does one implement spf on the server side?

 3) How does one implement spf on the client side?

I most interested in No. 3 above - specifically, is there anything that
I must do as an end-user to make use of spf?

The answer to (3) directly is, "no"* - which is why SPF is so useful, since it doesn't require large (or any) changes to a user's clients (assuming you're not doing mailing list expansion via your MUA, which I believe some packages do).

The SPF pages at pobox have all the details you could want, including pointers to various implementations. It's pretty simple and straightforward; furthermore, the license situation is positive. If the MARID stuff ends up encumbered with what RMS calls a non-free-software-compatible license then it's quite likely that it simply won't fly, regardless. SPF itself is in use right now, however.


* if you're originating email from "offsite" (dialup lines etc.) then you may need to coordinate with your mail admin to ensure you're targeting the correct MSA.

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