On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Robert Storey wrote:

> I never heard of spf until yesterday, when there was a big discussion
> about it on Slashdot. The discussion was very political (about
> Microsoft, Richard Stallman, etc). I don't want to get into any of the
> politics here, as it's not appropriate for this list. But I am
> interested in the technology aspect.

Most of the technology issues aren't appropriate for this list, either, so
I suspect you care less about the propriety than your particular interest.

> Specifically:
>   1) Is the technology useful?
>   2) How does one implement spf on the server side?
>   3) How does one implement spf on the client side?
> I most interested in No. 3 above - specifically, is there anything that
> I must do as an end-user to make use of spf?

As an end-user, nothing.  http://spf.pobox.com/users.html.  Same site for
a general FAQ which addresses implementation (it's done via DNS records).
The Slashdot article had a link to the Microsoft implementation; the
complaint about it is that they are releasing a free license to implement,
which can be revoked at any time.

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