On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Warren Block wrote:

> > You need to create a "~/.forward" file with the following contents:
> >
> >    "|/usr/local/bin/procmail"
> That's not needed when sendmail uses procmail directly.  My 4.10 system 
> just has FEATURE(local_procmail) in /etc/mail/hostname.mc.

Waren that is what I have been reading online many sites and FAQ that you 
don't need the .forward file but I thanked Jonathan for his input as I 
appreciate any input.  I've  tried the .forward file but wait.. this just 

I found a few things ,  The kernel had IPV6 compiled in which I don't 
need, at the moment. Perhaps in another project I'll try that.
I commented it out in my config and recompiled..installed and bounced the 

Still No worke...

I found a entry in my hostname.mc that read 

Feature(local_lmtp)   Commented out..

Performed the typical under /etc/mail

make all install restart

Working like a champion now.. so perhaps between the IPV6 components in 
the Knrl and my fixing the .mc file it's workig like it should.  

So for those other newbies,  comment out any FEATURE(local..) other than 
FEATURE(local_procmail) and be sure that 

MAILER(procmail) comes first in the  .mc file before anything else.

Thanks to you and Jonathan once again for your input!  :)

Paul R Culmo

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