Hi there,

I'm in the middle of setting up a small company that
will be selling it's products online. I have to offer
47/7 support and to start without too much costs I
wanted to build this system with opensource
technologies so I chose Freebsd, with postgreSQl as
database engine and Aolserver as webserver because
these are the tools I'm most comfortable with.

Currently we are in the middle of deciding upon the
hardware and to me a 2-way or 4-way Opteron server
would be the best choice for the moment. However, I
have some questions about this architecture and how
Freebsd supports it.

1) Does Freebsd support a SMP system of the AMD64
architecture(Opterons) and which version should I use?
Development of this system will start in September or
2) If not, should I consider using Suse Linux or are
there any other contenders?
3) Is it wise to setup a database server and web
server on the same box?
4) At the moment, the applications like postgresql and
aolserver in the ports collection are 32 bit
applications? Will they be ported to 64 bit
applications anytime soon?
5) Where can I find information about finetuning
freebsd, postgresql and aolserver for performance and

Many thanks folks,

Dino Vliet

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