I have 15 or so  older PC's, moslty HP Vectra PII's all taking input on one
or more of the serial ports and ultimately displaying the results via
Apache. We have ben doing this for 3+ years using various version of

A couple of weeks ago, I replaced one of these amchine (which was an older
P1) with a newer PII'. Shortly after that it started locking up almost
every day. The symptom was always the same, a starnge checkerboard looking
pattern on the monitor, and absolute hard lockup. Need to pll the poer cord
to reset the machine.

I fiddles around a while, and changed various parts on this amchine, but
never did solve the problem. Then about a week ago, I replaced that machine
with a totaly different one. The original "bad" machine passed memory, and
hard drive tests, and has been running in the lab WO crashing for almos a
week now.

Yesterday, the "new" machine locked up in the exact same way.

Help! Foes anyone have any ideas? Are there any know issues with 4.10, and
serial ports?

Thanks for any input whatsover.

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