do you have anything in dmesg, logs, any cores, etc ......
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Subject: Repeated lockups with 4.10

> I have 15 or so  older PC's, moslty HP Vectra PII's all taking input on
> or more of the serial ports and ultimately displaying the results via
> Apache. We have ben doing this for 3+ years using various version of
> OpenBSD.
> A couple of weeks ago, I replaced one of these amchine (which was an older
> P1) with a newer PII'. Shortly after that it started locking up almost
> every day. The symptom was always the same, a starnge checkerboard looking
> pattern on the monitor, and absolute hard lockup. Need to pll the poer
> to reset the machine.
> I fiddles around a while, and changed various parts on this amchine, but
> never did solve the problem. Then about a week ago, I replaced that
> with a totaly different one. The original "bad" machine passed memory, and
> hard drive tests, and has been running in the lab WO crashing for almos a
> week now.
> Yesterday, the "new" machine locked up in the exact same way.
> Help! Foes anyone have any ideas? Are there any know issues with 4.10, and
> serial ports?
> Thanks for any input whatsover.
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