On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 01:21:31PM +0800, Edwin D. Vinas wrote:

> I was able to pair my Nokia 3660 with my FreeBSD-5.2 which has an MSI 
> bluetooth dongle. I was able to discover other devices, and execute other 
> built-in commands such as hccontrol, l2ping, l2control, sdptool  etc. But, I 
> noticed that the the basic file transfer called OBEX was not yet incorporated 
> in the FreeBSD-5.2 and that I have to install an openobex or something. I 
> have succesfully installed openobex from sourceforge, but it doesn't have the 
> "obexapp" command. The i tried installing the "obexapp" from sourceforge too. 
> The problem is that I cant install it.
> tar -zxvf obexapp-1.2.tar.gz
> (extracts two directories openobex-1.0.1/ and obexapp/)


Instead of trying to fix the compilation yourself, you can leverage
the work of those who have gone before you by installing the
comms/openobex port.  In fact, with this software I think that some
quite significant patching of code is required:

    % cd /usr/ports/comms/openobex
    % ls files/
    patch-Makefile.in               patch-src-obex.c
    patch-aclocal.m4                patch-src-obex.h
    patch-configure.in              patch-src-obex_const.h
    patch-ltmain.sh                 patch-src-obex_main.c
    patch-src-btobex.c              patch-src-obex_transport.h



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