On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 09:40:35PM +0200, dick hoogendijk wrote:
> Fvwm2 is a great windowmanager. I use 2.4.18 plus fvwm-themes and that
> works great. However, the developers version of fvwm also works very
> well and it's in the ports. What I don't quite understand is why the
> fvwm-themes-0.70 packages is _not_ in the ports. The developers version
> of the theme packages makes full use of all those wonderfull new
> features of fvwm.

Did you miss x11-themes/fvwm-themes? It installs fvwm-themes 0.7.0 and
works fine here with fvwm-devel (2.5.10). 

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