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Mike Hauber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Greetings, all.
> I am running 4.10-Stable, and I have the following question 
> about portupgrade.
> So far, I have not had a successful build of OpenOffice (on 
> any version of FreeBSD...  ever...  so I use their binaries 
> as they become available), and the samba port is broken 
> (until I upgrade the system to 5.x).
> What I do now is simply grep a list of installed ports with 
> updates available and send the outbut to a file. (ie,  # 
> portversion | grep "<" > ~/pupdate.sh )
> Then I edit ~/pupdate.sh so that every line begins with 
> "portupgrade -R."  (And, of course, I delete the samba and 
> OpenOffice entries) In other words my file would look 
> something like this:
> >>>
> #!/bin/sh
> portupgrade -R blip
> portupgrade -R blop
> portupgrade -R bluey
> <<<
> make it executable, run it overnight, and fix the small 
> stuff in the morning.
> Obviously, because I like to upgrade my systems every week, 
> this gets old.  Is there any way I can tell portupgrade to 
> simply portupgrade -aR (except for a specific list of 
> packages)?
> If not, does anyone have a more simple solution?  
> And again, if not, would this be considered a worthy 
> suggestion for the developers of /portupgrade?
> Thanks


I think what you're looking for is /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf .

Here is an excerpt from that file:

  # HOLD_PKGS: array
  # This is a list of ports you don't want portupgrade(1) to upgrade,
  # portversion(1) to suggest upgrading, or pkgdb(1) to fix.

Its a very handy tool since you can also set make variables which
portupgrade will also honor.

Best regards,


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