> --- Joe Marcus Clarke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Not having an /etc/make.conf is okay.  If you don't have
> > set
> > in /etc/make.conf or in your environment, then Gaim should be built
> > with
> > NSS support.  You might try running gaim -d from the command line,
> > and
> > see if it throws an error trying to load the encryption plug-in.

Oh boy... FreeBSD takes allot of getting used to. I ran "make
fetch-recursive" in the "/usr/ports/security/gaim-encryption" dir
yesterday. What I forgot to do was "make install clean". I've done this
twice now with other "ports". I'm learning. Heh..
When I checked "/var/db/pkg" I didn't see "gaim-encryption" as one of
the packages listed. So I knew right away that I flubbed up and forgot
to do "make install clean" after doing "make fetch-recursive"

Gaim-Encryption is working now. Thanks for your help anyways, Joe.

Joshua Banks

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