Peter Risdon wrote:
> Andrew wrote:
> > I've been using Wingate for months now to distribute an internet
> > connection among 10 users (NAT). Stunned by regular failures of
> > 2000, Wingate and other evil software, I decided to switch to
FreeBSD. I
> > read the handbook and about 3000 more pages of manuals / how-to's /
> > guides. I set up FreeBSD with all applications I currently need for
> > server tasks.
> >
> > I now need to test some applications, while keeping a part of the
> > on the Wingate machine. What I want to do is connect to internet via
> > ADSL, using the bsd box, and let Wingate use the connection through
> > box.
> >
> > What is the best way to retain most of the NAT functionality?
> > If you are happy to not know what Wingate is, try to assume that it
> > just another nat-box. Can bsd somehow "forward" connection, so that
> > nat-box almost feels like it has a real IP?
> There's no need  to complicate this. The FreeBSD box will provide NAT
> for anything behind it, and if that includes the Wingate machine,
> no problem. If the Wingate machine is in turn providing NAT for other
> machines, fine, no problem.

Thanks, that's how I planned to do it. I just though there might be a
way to forward/redirect packets in order to avoid natd. But on the other
hand, I'll test natd this way as well.

Best regards,

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