On Tuesday 03 August 2004 02:50 pm, Mike Hogsett wrote:
> This is not entirely on-topic for the FreeBSD list (except my
> mail server is FreeBSD).
> Does anyone know of a solution to allow secure mail forwarding to a
> blackberry similar to the enterprise solutions for MS exchange,
> and Lotus Notes?

Sorry I'm late in replying, but I don't read this list much any more due to 
time constraints...8-) .

I guess I don't quite understand the question, not having any experience with 
either system's "secure" mail forwarding. We have several executives with 
Blackberrys and no complaints.

What I do is use procmail and put in a rule that delivers to the person's 
blackberry address and then continues to deliver to the default mailbox 
in /var/mail.

In ~/.procmailrc....

:0 c


To do this, you set up procmail from ports and then rewrite the sendmail.mc 
file to use procmail as the local deliver agent.

Since the mail is plain text anyway, I don't understand the 'secure' 

Hope this helps..

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