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> Subject: upgrade
> moved from slowlaris to freebsd for a web server. it is in a
> production environment.
> will a binary upgrade catch all the security updates? should
> I expect anything to break? (at least web server, ftp and ssh)
> besides time and effort, how does cvsup and build world
> compare to binary upgrade?
> should I run the upgrade from sysinstall from disk, or throw
> in a cd and use that sysinstall?
> the quick and dirty of the system is
> running 5.1 on a dual xeon, hot swap scsi disks, tape drive
> thanks

Congratulations on the move to FreeBSD.  I think you will find it was a
wise move!

The difference between a binary upgrade and an upgrade via CVS or cvsup
is the time between creation of the sources.  Binary upgrades generally
come out durning major releases, for example, from 4.9 to 4.10.  Any
security patches added between that time were only available with a
CVS/cvsup upgrade, followed by a system rebuild.

If you're looking for an install-time answer to your third question, I
usually download a 'mini' .ISO and install via FTP, to catch the most
recent version of the 4.x branch.  Then I immediately follow with a
cvsup and a make world, followed by a new kernel build.  This ensures I
have the best sources and most current security patches (that are

As to your last question, although I quoted 4.x branch sources/binaries,
this all applies the same to the 5.x and beyond.

Hope this was a help.

Eric F Crist

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