Please, if any of you has confident experience with any of the following scanners under FreeBSD, please let me know. I must find something available for buying and it must work smoothly in FreeBSD (otherwise there's no point of buying a new scanner, as I already have one which is not working in anything else but Windows..)

EPSON perfection 1670
EPSON perfection 1670 Photo
EPSON perfection 3170 photo
EPSON perfection 2400 photo
EPSON perfection 3200 photo
EPSON perfection 4870 photo
EPSON perfection 2480 photo
EPSON Expression 1680
EPSON Expression 1680 Pro
EPSON GT - 15000
EPSON GT - 30000

MUSTEK ScanExpress 1248 UB Plus
MUSTEK Bear Paw 1200 CU Plus
MUSTEK Bear Paw 1200 Fast
MUSTEK Bear Paw 2400 CU Plus
MUSTEK Bear Paw 2448CS Plus
MUSTEK Bear Paw 2448 TA Plus
MUSTEK Bear Paw 4800 TA PRO II

HP ScanJet 2400
HP ScanJet 3670
HP ScanJet 3690
HP ScanJet 3970
HP ScanJet 4600
HP ScanJet 4670
HP ScanJet 5590
HP ScanJet 8200

HP ScanJet 2400C
HP ScanJet 3670C
HP ScanJet 3690C
HP ScanJet 3970C
HP ScanJet 4070C
HP ScanJet 4600C
HP ScanJet 4670C
HP ScanJet 5530C

Thank you for your help and time.

Yours Sincerely,
Alin-Adrian Anton
Spintech Systems
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