Thank you all for all of the information.

I found this "CANON Scanner Canon Lide30 USB" available to be bought, nice price, nice performance, donno much about canon's reputation with scanners.

It has "complete" support by the plustek-sane backened.

The only problem is it is not listed in uscanner.c.

Do you think adding it to uscanner.c is all that takes to make it work? If yes, I am going to buy it (it is the only one with complete sane support, from what i can get my hands on).

There's also mustek 1200 ta, listed in uscanner, but only has good support in sane backeneds, and it cannot scan deeper than 16 bits of colour, in spite of the fact that it's capacity is 48 bit.

Ok, so what about canon? Will manually adding it to uscanner.c solve everything?

Thank you all.

Alin-Adrian Anton
Spintech Systems
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