On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 01:32:35AM +0200, Erik Trulsson wrote:

> You seem to have missed the fact that operations on very large
> directories (which a directory with 400K files in it certainly
> qualifies as) simply are slow.

Good point.  I had overlooked that.

> Reducing the number of processes spawned will certainly help some,
> but a better idea is to not have so many files in a single directory
> - that is just asking for trouble.

I'm not sure that I can make qmail do anything else.  These are spams
sent to non-existent addresses at my domain, being caught by
.qmail-default.  What I am going to do is clear out the Maildir daily
instead of monthly, though.  Collecting them has become a significant
drain on disk space---the 400K spams are the result of about a month
and a half of collection.


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