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> Hello,
> On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 09:13:32PM -0500, Gary wrote:
> > P> I'm not sure that I can make qmail do anything else.  These are spams
> > P> sent to non-existent addresses at my domain, being caught by
> > P> .qmail-default.
> > 
> > Question... why do you have a .qmail-default file to begin with? If
> > you have proper namespace or .qmail- files for your users, it is not
> > necessary at all... all would then be bounced. Or if you wish just
> > to drop mail coming in to .qmail-default, just put a # in it...
> Good question---without context, my claim that I can do nothing else
> seems wrong.  What I should have said is "given I have an interest in
> collecting all the spams to non-existent addresses, I don't think I
> can make qmail do anything other than deliver it to the new/ subdir of
> a Maildir."
> The original problem was that _bouncing_ these messages is
> fruitless---they almost invariably have a forged From address.  I'm
> getting on average about 10,000 of them per day, so there were
> constantly several thousand messages in my queue, as well as several
> thousand bounced bounces and failures in my postmaster mailbox every
> day.
> IMHO, these messages should be _rejected_ at the SMTP session, though
> (AFAICS) qmail won't do this (without being patched).  (I am sure I
> once read a "security" justification for this behaviour, though I
> can't seem to find any justification for it at all now.  I am willing
> to be convinced otherwise, but IMHO, accepting these messages is bogus
> behaviour.)

I agree.

> Anyway, I was about to embark on tracking down a patch to
> do SMTP-level rejection, when I decided I would just funnel them into
> a Maildir and use them later to train Bogofilter, or whatever.

Well, if you do have a reason to keep them, as example spams for a Bayes
filter, for example, then I can't say otherwise.

I'm surprised that qmail doesn't allow you to reject these properly, but
I haven't been using qmail for a while now, so I don't remember.

I've switched to Postfix, as this is pretty easy to set up in Postfix.
I think the default config file for Postfix is set up this way as it is.

I hope you find a better solution.  Good luck.

> > P>  What I am going to do is clear out the Maildir daily
> > P> instead of monthly, though.  Collecting them has become a significant
> > P> drain on disk space---the 400K spams are the result of about a month
> > P> and a half of collection.
> > 
> > I would never think of collecting them at all, not even allow them
> > in.
> I may soon change my mind, though my original plan was to put the spam
> to use.  The sheer volume looks like making that plan unworkable.  :-)
> > There are several techniques just to block them at SMTP negotiation
> > all together, so they don't even enter your system...
> Techniques for qmail?  Without patching it?  I thought I had RTFMd
> pretty thoroughly, but I am willing to be enlightened.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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