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Good question---without context, my claim that I can do nothing else
seems wrong.  What I should have said is "given I have an interest in
collecting all the spams to non-existent addresses, I don't think I
can make qmail do anything other than deliver it to the new/ subdir of
a Maildir."

Could you create a user to get them; and give that user a procmail (or similar) delivery-time script to file them into subdirs based on some arbitrary characteristic?

IMHO, these messages should be _rejected_ at the SMTP session, though
(AFAICS) qmail won't do this (without being patched).  (I am sure I
once read a "security" justification for this behaviour, though I
can't seem to find any justification for it at all now.  I am willing
to be convinced otherwise, but IMHO, accepting these messages is bogus
behaviour.)  Anyway, I was about to embark on tracking down a patch to
do SMTP-level rejection, when I decided I would just funnel them into
a Maildir and use them later to train Bogofilter, or whatever.

Just FYI, Exim, with the ExiScan patches, can reject at SMTP time; and also has a 'fakereject' capability which tells the sender that the message has been rejected; but actually delivers it.

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