On Thursday,  8 July 2004 at  2:21:30 -0500, Mario Doria wrote:
> Hi,
> Another vinum question. I have a machine running 5-CURRENT sources from
> yesterday (yes I know the dangers of running CURRENT and I did read the
> mailing list archives). 

Well, the issue was discussed there.

> I think I found a bug, if I add start_vinum="YES" to /etc/rc.conf,
> at boot I get a panic with a message saying:
> panic: vinum: dangling vnode <snip>
> Im sorry I do not have the complete message, it is the machine I am using
> as a gateway and I prefered to get online and find some more information.
> I'd be happy to compile a debugging kernel if necessary.

Well, is the least that people will ask of you when running -CURRENT.
But since this problem has already been reported, there's no longer
much point.

The current status of Vinum in -CURRENT is that it is being
rewritten.  The introduction of the GEOM layer has badly broken Vinum,
and it has been decided better to rewrite it than to fix it.  It'll be
a while before it's smooth again.

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