Curtis Vaughan wrote:

Made a big mistake today. I was reading in a book that I needed to install cvsup for doing updates. Good. So, I started installing it. Meanwhile I began perusing the FreeBSD website information about cvsup and there I read, if you not using a gui, then don't install cvsup, but cvsup-without-gui. So, is there a way to back out the cvsup which I did do as it apparently has installed a lot of stuff I don't need on this server.
Or do I have to just uninstall all those packages individually? Is there a way then to identify which packages were installed by installing cvsup?



I'd say your best bet is to install sysutils/portupgrade and use the pkg_deinstall command with the -R flag. I.e.:

`pkg_deinstall -R cvsup'

If you absolutely do not want any more riffraff on your box, then you must examine the output of

`pkg_info -r cvsup'

and pkg_delete each of the packages listed manually, then delete cvsup. If pkg_delete fails on any one of the packages in the list, recurse through its dependencies until it can be deleted, then proceed to the next package in the list, etc... Just be careful when traversing the dependencies. Sooner or later you might deinstall something you really want to keep, so keep your eyes open. Not all packages that cvsup depends on is required only by cvsup, and some of them were probably already installed when you installed cvsup. Like I said, your best bet is to go with the sysutils/portupgrade method.

Hope this helps!
-Henrik W Lund
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