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> What motherboard and chipset?

It's a Chaintech 7AJA0, based on VIA KT133.  The
chipset has some known problems: there was a registry
patch for Windows 2000, that avoided hard hangs (the
IDE controller and the processor ended up waiting for
each other to free the PCI bus, for periods between a
few seconds and three hours, according to the
documentation).  They claimed no other OS was affected
by this (they had Linux drivers on the CD, so I assume
"other" included Linux).  When trying to install
Windows 2000, this happened almost every time, either
during hardware detection, or during the final DCOM
registration.  It happened just once or twice to get
hardware hanging under Linux, in about 2.5 years of
exclusive usage (even under heavy load).  Since I use
FreeBSD 4, about 6 months ago), I didn't get any
hardware hangs, but some programs sigsegv-ed
unexpectedly, and unreproducible.  Maybe this is
related to the memory, not the chipset issue.

> We replaced the motherboard with something else.

It looks like the best thing to do, imho.  I hope
high-quality boards from Asus, Epox or MSI don't
exhibit such problems.


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