On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (Aug 19), Chris Dillon said:
I've just run into a 16-character username limit in our quota
support, or at least in the edquota command itself (5-CURRENT):

edquota -u -e /afilesystem:614400:716800:4000:5000 areallylongusername
edquota: areallylongusern: no such user

Does anybody know what would it take to raise this limit to at least
32 characters?

Try bumping MAXLOGNAME in /usr/include/sys/param.h and UT_NAMESIZE in /usr/include/utmp.h and rebuilding world.

Thank you, I'm building a new kernel+world right now. For some reason I thought we had already bumped those particular limits up past 16 characters so I didn't look at them. I ran into this problem because I'm using Samba's winbindd with nsswitch, and the usernames are prepended with our Windows 2000 domain name, making them longer than usual. Samba, chown, ls, etc. don't seem to have a problem with these long names (nsswitch is great!), so they must not pay any attention to MAXLOGNAME and UT_NAMESIZE and that's what made me think it was specific to quotas. Is there any reason this couldn't be bumped up to 32 characters (or more) by default for better compatability with alternate namespaces?

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