On Mon, Aug 23, 2004 at 07:58:49AM -0400, Matthew Crowe wrote:
> Hi all,
> This may not exactly be a Freebsd related question.. but.. here goes =)
> I wanted to make a Freebsd-based cd that would enable restoring of a 
> FAT32 or NTFS filesystem.  I know Windows includes things to do this, 
> but I wanted to use unix and build some nifty scripts to do it all 
> automatically (this is designed to restore systems for really computer 
> stupid people).  I've already made the programs to restore the images.. 
> but.. I can't ever seem to get a working fbsd boot cd.   I found one 
> system called RIP, but it was mainly for Linux (and I really wanted it 
> to be fbsd, as I know it a lot better!).  Is there an easy way to make a 
> bootable freebsd recovery disk?  I tried hacking the 5.2.1- bootonly 
> disk, but I couldn't ever figure out how to get it re-burned and allow 
> for booting.
> If anyone has any experence in doing something like this, let me know!  =)

did you check out livecd.sf.net ?
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