I have tried several times now to compile a GENERIC kernel on
4.10-STABLE with dgm0 (Digi Ports/16em, PCI version!) enabled, and have
had no luck. Can anyone give me pointers? Right now, it's not showing up
in dmesg (no errors, no warnings, nothing). The config line I have been
using is below (but it's the one straight out of LINT). I've done a lot
of googling and maillist searching; most of the documentation is for the
ISA version, and not the PCI version. I've tried chaning 'at isa?' to
'at pci?' with no luck.


My next guess would be to try 5.2.1, and then beyond that RedHat
(though, I would really like to avoid using RH).



device          dgm0    at isa? port 0x104 iomem 0xd0000





-Kyle Mott 



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