On Monday 23 August 2004 07:41 pm, Gerard Samuel wrote:
> Well I've been using FBSD since 3.4, and I would like to
> try my hand at trying to put together an embedded FBSD system.
> I browsed the -small mailing list, but there doesnt seem to be
> any relevant up to date data there (I may be mistaken).
> I did a bit of googling, but Im not finding what Im looking
> for.
> I kept running into "Embedded FreeBSD Cookbook".  Anyone thoughts on
> this book.
> But other than that, are there any online how to tutorial,
> that would show an almost beginner on how to get started.
> Thanks for any input you may provide...

Go to http://soekris.com/ and click on Support.  You'll find some 
tutorials on installing FreeBSD on their embedded boards.  One of the 
tutorials is "miniBSD - reducing FreeBSD".

Also, Michael Lucas has an article on installing OpenBSD on one of their 

Best of luck,

Andrew Gould
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