Andrew L. Gould wrote:
On Monday 23 August 2004 11:21 pm, Gerard Samuel wrote:

Andrew L. Gould wrote:

On Monday 23 August 2004 07:41 pm, Gerard Samuel wrote:

Well I've been using FBSD since 3.4, and I would like to
try my hand at trying to put together an embedded FBSD system.
I browsed the -small mailing list, but there doesnt seem to be
any relevant up to date data there (I may be mistaken).
I did a bit of googling, but Im not finding what Im looking
I kept running into "Embedded FreeBSD Cookbook".  Anyone thoughts
on this book.
But other than that, are there any online how to tutorial,
that would show an almost beginner on how to get started.

Thanks for any input you may provide...

Go to and click on Support. You'll find some tutorials on installing FreeBSD on their embedded boards. One of the tutorials is "miniBSD - reducing FreeBSD".

Also, Michael Lucas has an article on installing OpenBSD on one of
their boards:

Best of luck,

Seems my options are limited, but thanks for the links...

I don't think you're options are limited. These are just examples that have come to the attention of someone who does NOT do embedded stuff.

Understood. What I meant by "limited" was that it seems (with respect to hardware), it seems like the hardware side of things isn't as widespread as I thought it would have been (compared to *normal* hardware, aka AT/ATX etc).
I was previously aware of soekris through mOrOwall (which gave me the idea of putting one together myself).
But then again, I've only begun searching yesterday, so what do I know :)

Thanks once again...
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